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Carbon Neutral

The Cavendish Hotel website is officially Carbon neutral

What is Carbon Offsetting?

In simple terms

Carbon Offsetting is the method by which we can minimise our impact on the environment through global warming. For every one ton of CO2 our website activities produce, we can ensure one ton to be saved somewhere else in the world.

This is done through projects such as planting trees, creating wind farms or investing in renewable energy projects throughout the world. For example, if a website needs electricity that emits half a ton of CO2 per year, then we can plant trees that offset that effect by taking half a ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

As well as offsetting, everyone should try and reduce their carbon emissions to an unavoidable minimum. Once your carbon offsets equal your carbon output, you can call yourself carbon neutral.

Carbon Neutral? That’s The Cavendish Hotel website.

Please visit the CoCo2 website for further information.

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